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While it's aesthetic design is a bit divisive (it's one of the flashier gaming mice on our list), it's performance is unimpeachable, and if you're the sort who prefers a weightier, solid mouse, the Fokus 2 is a fantastic option.
The Kaliber Gaming HVER Pro keyboard is a great option for the serious #gamer or someone just looking to add some extra bling to their desktop.
...the HVER Pro RGB seemingly has everything it takes to be a great keyboard. One of the major aesthetic perks of the HVER Pro RGB is that it delivers full, per-key RGB backlighting at such a low price. I put in probably 15-20 hours of Apex Legends with this keyboard, and had some of my best games.
The Pixart PMW-3360 optical sensor delivers excellent performance as well, with a CPI up to 12,000 and variable polling rates up to 1,000Hz. The respectable 250 IPS also means you're not likely to lose tracking even whipping the mouse around at top speed.
I've used more expensive Razer and Corsair mechanical keyboards and I can testify that the HVER PRO performs admirably in comparison to both its similar and higher priced competition.
"I was impressed with the build quality of the aluminum frame and the overall weight. The RGB backlighting is absolutely gorgeous, and the options for how the keys are lit are numerous enough that you can ..."

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Apr. 25 - PC Gaming Enthusiast: 9.5 out of 10 - HVER RGB Aluminum Keyboard Review

If you've been searching for the best bang for your buck or picking up accessories on a budget, there's no doubt the HVER RGB is the one for you.

Apr. 13 – Game Chronicles: Editor’s Choice – HVER RGB Aluminum Keyboard Review

Responsive, durable, and attractive keyboard that rivals mechanical keyboards at twice the price.
Ultimately, we loved the mouse and how it looks. The functionality of the programmable buttons make this much more than just a mouse for gamers and encourage you all to check it out on the IOGEAR website!
So the gaming aspects of the keyboard are impressive. One of the things that many gamers will point out is the stroke of the actual key. The keys are super responsive and have a good feedback sound – without being overtly loud.
Once you get things to your liking, it's a dream. The KeyMander does a terrific job of emulating the PC experience of control on a console. And it can provide something that's vastly superior to what a controller can do.
Once you get things to your liking, it's a dream. The KeyMander does a terrific job of emulating the PC experience of control on a console. And it can provide something that's vastly superior to what a controller can do.
In the end, the Keymander brings versatility, one of the hallmarks of PC gaming, to the console space. It may be billed as a peripheral for first- and third-person shooters, and it excels in that spot, but it also acts as a means of giving players an extra control option that works well if you're willing to put in the work for it.
The added weight, customizable buttons, unique ambidextrous design, and price make this a gaming mouse worth considering — especially if you're into the Star Wars Imperial Army look. It's for these reasons that we've awarded it as a Top Pick of 2017 here at Techaeris.
The Kaliber Gaming KONVERT Universal Gaming Headset is a headset to consider given its unique design, decent sound, comfort, and great price while being compatible with the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and mobile devices.
If you're looking for a sleek, industrial looking, backlit gaming keyboard, the HVER Aluminum Gaming Keyboard offers decent quality and performance at a decent price.

But how does the mouse perform? I’d say on par with my Naos 8200. The DPI on the FOKUS is also 8200, so I felt right at home aiming. This is dope because the FOKUS only retails for $50. My Naos 8200 was $80 when I bought it three years ago & it STILL IS TODAY! So bravo to IOGEAR for packing in the same level of performance for $30 cheaper
The Kaliber Gaming™ FOKUS Pro Laser Gaming Mouse definitely falls into the higher tier of gaming mice that I've tried with its DPI range and that makes it versatile in more than just gaming.
This a great mouse for hardcore players or players planning to get into first-person shooters on PC for the first time, so look for it today online or at your local retailer today.

Prepare to be given a wealth of customization for your playstyle. The Keymander software suite is packed with custom profiles that can be tailored to not only consoles but specific genres of games.
As a holiday gift, we give this one a go, especially with the $34.95 price tag. A mouse similar would cost you double.
Kaliber's mission statement is to offer affordable, professional-grade gaming accessories. No matter what the gamer in your life plays, Kaliber has must-have items for PC and console and the first item we're going to highlight certainly fits the bill and qualifies as an all-out "gamechanger"

Come look at this great gaming keyboard with me! it happens to be one of my personal favourites

Kaliber Gaming fills basic gaming needs with this combo.

Constantly shifting from couch to computer chair? This is the solution for you. Kaliber Gaming fills basic gaming needs with this combo.
But if you were to combine the mouse and keyboard with a player who is already familiar with everything in a game, that is a potent combination that I would not want to go up against.
Gamers who are interested in buying a good quality gaming mouse without breaking the bank have plenty of excellent choices with this line of mice from Kaliber Gaming.

Lineup is well priced; FOKUS has a great build quality; SYMMETRE feels great in-game; Both sensors are highly accurate, ambidextrous, propriety software excellent.
Overall, the RETIKAL is a really good mouse for gaming purposes. The multiple profiles, DPI settings, and extra buttons featured on it really add to the experience and make playing multiple types of games and genres relatively easy to switch between.

While the RETIKAL is a clear choice for casual gaming and SYMMETRE would have been more attractive and appealing as wireless model in order to be more of a counter acting force to Logitech's offerings, the iOGEAR gaming line of mice does show some promise with the FOKUS in particular being a very competitive option in the E-sports gaming world.
Knowing what to look for in a gaming mouse can be very difficult, especially given the price premiums associated with a lot of brand name mice in the market. Kaliber Gaming™ looks to be trying fix that with their line of gaming mice. I had the chance to take the SYMMETRE ambidextrous mouse for a spin for a week or two, and while I didn’t fall in love, I was quietly impressed.

This is going on to my main gaming rig - I'm so excited for this sniper button. Going to play Overwatch and its going to be great to see how it performs.

Jezy []
Pre-weighted mouse, should be very well balanced from the get-go. Has a frame rate of 6600 FPS as well. This should be absolutey perfect for first-person shooters.

This is the IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming SYMMETRE, ambidextuorous gaming mouse. This has a great feeling in my hand, as far as fitting in the hand its the nicest product.

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All in all, the IKON Gaming keyboard is a good bang for the buck if you do not want to put a lot of money toward a gaming keyboard. For the price, it offers some solid features, including that mechanical keyboard feel, anti-ghosting keys, and LED back-lighting. While not the same as the top-of-the-line $150+ gaming keyboards on the market, the IKON Gaming Keyboard is a very good step up from any stock keyboards without breaking the bank.



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