About us

Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR is the gaming product division of award-winning California-based IOGEAR, a leader in computer and AV connectivity solutions for businesses and consumers, dedicated to developing superior quality, high-performance gaming products and accessories with rich features at an exceptional value.

Tapping into IOGEAR’s keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) R&D resources and expertise, Kaliber Gaming launched the KeyMander, a keyboard and mouse adapter for game consoles, in 2015 designed to offer the customized experience of playing console games with a keyboard and mouse years ahead of any competitors. The brand was built around the KeyMander and intended to serve both PC and console gamers by bridging the gap between price and performance. The brand has grown over the years to encompass multiple product lines including a full-suite of mechanical gaming keyboards, gaming mice, headsets and computer mice accessories with an edgy gamer aesthetic.

Designed in California and manufactured in Taiwan and China, Kaliber Gaming has grown exponentially worldwide with national and international retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and others and sold in North America, Latin America, South America and Europe as the appetite for high-quality gaming products at a value grows.

Kaliber Gaming products have earned numerous accolades from gaming press including PC Gamer’s Best Gaming Mice recognition for the FOKUS II Gaming Mouse as “The Best Heavy Gaming Mouse” and positive reviews from IGN.com, Polygon, and Motherboard. Kaliber Gaming fills an essential consumer need – accessible gaming peripherals that deliver the highest-performance with rich features, and uncompromised quality that presents a definitive value.

The Kaliber Gaming Team

Derek Hamilton
Product Manager
Joseph Zhang
Director of Product Management
Michael Volpe
Marketing Manager
Jeff Carter
Director of Sales